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EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 006 :: Sweater Weather with Mary Cyn

In this month’s installment of on-air shenanigans, the boys catch up with the New Year, illnesses, the fact that winter is mighty cold and lots of emails. They even manage to announce a winner of their very first listener contest. Schaffer lies to his therapist and Nelson gets the name of the Secretary of State wrong. In the midst of all of that, they manage sit down with former dominatrix, burlesque starlet and co-producer of EWB Miss Mary Cyn. They talk about the upcoming fourth season of EWB, the questionable practices of student doctors and the sensuality of cheese and wool. Hang on folks cause this one is a donkey ride straight to crazy town!

EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 005 :: Best 2012 Ever

Schaffer the Darklord and Nelson Lugo have managed to once again to make it to the end of another year. In this roller-coaster thrill ride of an episode the boys do a month-by-month recap of 2012 through the pop culture filter of comic books, movies and video games that they have ingested for the past 365 days. All of the highs and all of the lows are remembered and made fun of for your listening pleasure. Everything from summer movies to internet haters… rooftop Wheatus parties and imminent death are discussed. It was it was a weird and wacky year! THE 2012 IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE 2013!

EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 004 :: Stella Chuu Strikes Back

In this fourth episode of the EPIC PIEcast, Schaffer the Darklord and Nelson Lugo talk about Halloween, lost phones and SURVIVING THE APOKOLIPS!

After dodging the Godzilla attack they invited Stella Chuu to Studio 6C. She is a professional cosplay personality and burlesque performer out of NYC. We chatted about Disney and Star Wars for a bit but then SHIT GOT REAL! We discuss and debate the plight of the female nerd, misogynists and of the trials and tribulations of being marginalized. We also talk about boobs and anime. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 003 :: The Walking Frontalot

In this 3rd episode of the EPIC PIEcast the boys get into the Halloween Spirit by enticing MC Frontalot with tacos into Studio 6C to discuss ALL things Walking Dead. They rant, rave, complain, cheer and get excited.

It’s a zombie filled extravaganza where Nelson cries, Frontalot gets zinged and Schaffer eats an apple. Everything from comic books, video games and Nazis are discussed and dissected for your geeky pleasure. HAPPY HALLOWEEN NERDS!

EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 002 :: Lucas Siegel Explains It All

Welcome back pie-eaters to episode two of the EPIC PIEcast!

In this thrilling, jam-packed podcast Schaffer and Lugo go all fanboy over K. Flay and manage to convince the site editor of, Lucas Siegel, to stop by and spill his guts on all things nerdy. Everything from video games, consoles, comic books and movies – nothing was off limits. The boys planned on grilling him for hours under hot lights but the boys couldn’t get Lucas to stop talking. It’s a full on three-way nerdfest recorded at the luxurious 6C Studio in Astoria Queens, New York.

The EPIC PIEcast theme music was created by Dave Famous

EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 001 :: Pilot

In this first (Pie-lot) episode the boys talk about what a podcast is, pie vs. drugs vs. the Internet, Batman, comic books, upcoming shows and Batman. If you have a questions, comments, jokes or love mail you’d like to send them, then email the show at

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EPIC PIEcast is a monthly show hosted by the Abbott and Costello of nerdom…Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord. One is a super talented artist that is beloved by thousands of fans and the other is a magician and host of Epic Win Burlesque.

All kinds of pop culture topics are discussed, debated and deconstructed with all the snark and witty banter that these two can muster.

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